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Problems with forwards on MATRA DIATONIS 50 NG


The problem is: when I try to forward (any kind of forward) all external calls who arrived at console, to an interior number, the console accepted the programation, but the forwarding is still not working. I try to programme one button memory of the console with the forward immediate facilities and other button memory with forward cancellation function. The programation of forward is accepted, i received the message on the screen of the console phone "feature accepted" but the forward is not working, when external calls is made, the phone console is still ringing instead of ringing the desired destination.

Please help me with some suggestions relate to this subject or if you have documentation about this type of pabx, it will be great!

Thank you very much!


Is your console defined as an console, or is it just a multi-key phone that just happens to have external calls routed to ?

Are the external calls from an analog trunk, or from a ISDN trunk with DID ?

Is your phone a group member ? Is yes, it may be that external calls are routed to that group; calls (int or ext) to the group will not be forwarded; only calls to the terminal number. Go to menu 1 (voice) then 5 (don't know the english menu name of it) and tell us what you see.