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Info: boitiers Cisco convertisseurs analogiques et vitesse


Pour info:

il semble que tous les boîtiers de conversion IP vers téléphone analogique Cisco soient un peu limités en protocoles analogiques. Que ce soit l'ATA 186 ou les VGxxx.

Fax Machines Connected to a Cisco ATA Cannot Send Faxes, or Fax Calls Fail Intermittently

Fax operation fails when you use Super G3 Fax with ATA 186. G3 is a standard out of the T.30 and actually can use V.34. It is recognized by voice gateways as a modem call (2100Hz with phase reversals). Super G3 fax machines support speeds of 33.6 Kbps (modem speed), and most of these fax machines use their dual modems to transmit and receive faxes. The Cisco ATA was designed to support analog phones and G3 fax transmissions (14400 bps maximum). The Cisco ATAs were not designed to support modems, either. In short, Super G3 Faxes are not supported with Cisco ATA because they use 33.6 kbps to establish the call. The recommendation for faxes is FXS ports, either on a router or a VGXXX.

As a workaround, you can try to modify these parameters:
· Change the fax speed to 9600 bps (the recommended speed for no issues).
· Set the protocol to G3.
· Disable the Error Correcting Mode (ECM).
· If the above actions do not work, plug the fax machine into the Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) port in the router, and configure the router for modem pass-through.

Note: If none of these workarounds is successful, a different fax machine must be used.