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Nouvelles fonctionalités sur Alcatel OXE

I) there is now a new online command for Alcatel OXE :

> chgcat 9987 3

will affect the class of service 3 to the keyset 9987.

This version allows only four (4) keyset number : 9999 9998 999 998
If u want try it, please email me at jzryouil@yahoo.fr
II) I have finished developing a new server IP on alcatel OXE to chekin / checkout users Immediately without needing hospitality version installed.

The server can change the class of service of
200 users in less than 2 minutes.

The demonstration version allows 4 keyset numbers
9999 9998 999 998.

If you want to try the server and to integrate it
in your own software, please email me at jzryouil@yahoo.fr

I will then send you :

1) the server (xserver) to install on Alcatel OXE
with instructions

2) A sample VB6 to communicate with xserver
demonstarting how to checkin/checkout
one or more keysets per call And how to
integrate it into your own software.
Best regards
Jamal Zryouil