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Call-Accounting/Credit Limitation : I look for distributors

Hi all,

I am looking for distributors for my call accounting software and credit limitation.

OmniTax is a powerful package that consists on centralizing calls in
multi-site environnement. It is easily installable with all PABX's
of the market. Especially for Alcatel OXE and OmniPCX OXO without any need to have hospitality package installed.

As it is centralized, responsables of sections/directions can use
OmniBudget-Browser to control easily the credit of their collaborators. OmniBudget software proceed automatically and periodically (for example : every 10 minutes, every 15 minutes ...) to modify the class of service of users regarding of their credit.

Here are links to download datasheets :

Accounting and installation schema :

OmniBudget-Browser :

Please email me if interested :

Jamal Zryouil

Best regards