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voip services

Dear sirs!

We are VoIP service engineers and trade company
and are oriented on tending and servicing of small
and mid-size Internet and VoIP service providers.
We are experienced in serving of wide range of hardware and software
and offer a wide spectrum of software and hardware solutions.
We work with Cisco, Quintum,Audiocodes, Welltech, Quintum and
other VoIP platforms.

We call your attention to our:

- PC-To-Phone, Web-To-Phone, Call-Shop solutions
- ISP and VoIP realtime Billing solutions that allow to do
Prepaid billing, Offline accounting, Calling Card operation,
Web customer care, Interbilling, invoices
- Call Centre solutions and CTI business applications
- Web-design solutions and scripting at any difficuly level,
E-commerce sites
- Tech support of installed platforms, GWs, GKs, billings configure,

Cisco, Quintum,Audiocodes, Welltech, Quintum, Microsoft, Linux and Oracle maintenance.

We also sell Audiocodes boards,
Cisco AS5300 and AS5350 gateways and other equipment.
Contact directly to get prices for hardware interested.
We can also upgrade your present VoIP software.

We are expecting for soon reply.

Kind regards
we are a company wich sel a pc2phone and callbak service we are looking to offer callshop and calling card
can tel us your offer??